Sunday, January 9, 2011

Twitter still in a mess with WikiLeaks

Twitter is defending itself from a US court which are asking them to reveal details of supports of WikiLeaks. Twitter has asked Facebook and Google to see if they have been asked the same.

Mid-December 2010, a US court ordered Twitter to give details of accounts owned by supports of WikiLeaks. Twitter denied access to such records and advised the owners of the Twitter accounts that they were being asked about.

The US Department of Justice had a subpoena against Twitter on December 14, 2010 requesting records dating back to November 1, 2001 that are "relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation". Targetted in this subpoena are WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, Rop Gonggrijp (a Dutch hacker) and Bradley Manning - a US Army Intelligence Analyst whom is suspected in leaking info/documents to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks opposes this targetting of people from the US Government. It is deemed as harassment.  In a statement made public by WikiLeaks, the subpoena is targeting people who were involved in making the public US military video of a 2007 airstrike that killed Iraqi citizens.

This doesn't sound like them clamping down on WikiLeaks, this seems like a cover-up at the US government not liking their illegal, citizen-killing activities plastered all over the internet for the world to see.

WikiLeaks did not fake this video. WikiLeaks did not alter this video. All WikiLeaks did was post the video. If the US government has proof that this video is fake, and has witnesses, satellite footage and a mile long list of things they'd need to prove in court - then, by all means, they should do so.

Until then, the truth is just that. The truth.

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