Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Solar Radiation Leaking through a Failing Magnetosphere Likely Cause of Plant Blights and Animal Mass Deaths

Before you ask, no, I don't have a link to a scientist or a newspaper that is reporting this, nor am I likely to ever be able to produce such a link. 
I don't think we will ever be told what is happening, because to be frank, if people knew the truth a state of lawlessness would most likely be the result.

In a nutshell, what is happening is a change in polarity of the magnetic field of the Earth, brought about by crossing from one side of the galactic plane to the other. Eventually the north pole of the magnetic field will end up in Antarctica , and the south pole in the arctic regions. 
The problem does not lie so much in the polarity changing, but in what happens to the magnetic field as the Earth nears and actually penetrates the galactic plane. 

This is the reason for the chem trailing phenomenon, it has all but been admitted that it's purpose is Tellers plan to block solar radiation.

What we are observing in the data is a rapid weakening of the field strength and an instability never before observed. The north pole is now moving over 40 miles per year. At this rate the north pole would become the south pole in less than three centuries, but what will actually happen is it will occur much more rapidly, because the closer we get to the galactic plane the quicker the changes will occur. 

This is what is going to happen in 2012. The magnetic field will be almost non existent as far as a coherent shield against solar particle radiation, and most if not all of the surface vegetation will die, as will animals unable to hide and find food in the aftermath. this includes the majority of humanity. IMHO all of the weirdness we have been exposed to in recent years is an attempt to distract us from what is happening around us, the real danger, the elephant in all of our living rooms.

This thread will attempt to provide empirical evidence that these deaths and blights are the direct result of a progressively worst failure of the Earths magnetic field.

I will start out with the following story, because it does indeed provide direct empirical evidence that the Sun was the cause of the blight in this case. Note the statement about how wheat that was shaded by hard objects such as fences and hills was not damaged:

The underlined bit is exactly what I think, people dismiss this type of thing, just like they dismiss most things that are going nuts right now.

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