Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Never before seen 9/11 footage - amazing! From a firefighters perspective.

New footage of 9/11 has appeared online. This new footage is quite interesting in the way that it is from the Firemans perspective. Various shots of the buildings burning and for low quality cameras (or so you'd think?) the quality of the footage is actually a fair bit better than the publics footage which was shown.

Nice, huh? Unseen footage as far as I know... the following video has some very interesting sounds at the beginning:

The next video is quite weird, it shows firefighters trying to put out a fire on what seems like the bottom of the WTC buildings. If I remember correctly, the planes hit above floor 60 - how is it that there are massive office-wide fires near ground level?

The following video is actually a very high quality video of the WTC buildings billowing out tonnes of smoke, the camera zooms in and you can actually see someone waving for help with a blanket or a jacket of some sort. Great footage:

This next video is probably the most interesting - it features thermals from the buildings and shows temperatures of around 80C from the fires... yet these simple fires took down two entire buildings???

There you have it, these videos should be pretty unique in the way that they have not been seen much before. Let me know what you think, spread the news around!

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  1. Nice post!

    Only question I would have, like one commenter on the youtube page, where are the white-hot thermite signatures? And I find it suspicious that the poster includes no information about this video. This could just as easily be an Adobe After Effects comp. What model thermacam was used, was it properly calibrated, who shot it, etc.. and why would they wait so long to release the footage, especially with so much controversy over the heat of the fires?

    Even better question... who just happens to have their IR camera gear handy on 9/11 and why would they use it anyway... did they somehow anticipate there would be a future temperature debate? I don't think so. This simply has to be fake.