Friday, January 21, 2011

Bizarre Tennis Dead Spot Hisense Arena-Australian Open 2011 - ball does NOT bounce... (video included)

Bizarre Dead Spot On Tennis Court At Hisense Arena- Australia Open 2011 (video)
The Maria Sharipova vs. Julia Goerges was almost a flop before it even began at the Hisense Arena at the Melbourne Australian Open, 2011.
As the the players were warming up Maria Sharipova noticed a very bizarre dead spot on the tennis court.

Melbourne's weather is being blamed for a dead spot.
The match didn't get underway for 20 minutes as umpires and officials debated on how to fix the unusual problem, which was caused from the court heat forcing a flat bubble patch on the plexicushion surface.
Sharapova, who won the game, said she first stumbled upon the spot during the coin toss.
As the video of the dead spot shows the tennis ball literally did not bounce it simply went plop.


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