Monday, January 10, 2011

All governments and corporations should be working toward a single goal

Why is it that all governments and corporations only work toward taxing the people, bailing out banks, starting and continuing multiple wars, taking away our freedom, etc.

  • Hospitals should be free, everything done medically should come at no cost to a human being, anywhere.
  • Car manufacturers should be working toward making totally energy efficient cars/transportation
  • Heading toward completely green production, less factories polluting not just earth but the surrounding populations
  • Banks - to be completely stripped of their powers, all records to be completely public
  • Stock Market to have strict rules, not to be able to hold the worlds financial position in its hands
  • All wars to be stopped - completely
  • All laws to be changed, if you commit a crime, the penalty is the same. Murder = death penalty. Rape = death penalty. Bashing = all possessions taken and 5 years in jail. Make people scared of doing bad things to people and they won't be as quick to do them. Make them think twice.
This is a short, short list. Let's bite into it one by one.

  • The medical industry is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. This is worth trillions over lifetimes. They know that you WILL be sick in your lifetime and they make billions off of this monthly. If this were free, we'd be talking about the obliteration of pharmaceuticals all together. Surely the technology we have, if it had an unlimited budget could cure virtually all diseases within 20 years if given said budget.
  • Car manufacturers are controlled by the OIL industry. Again, strip them of their powers. They do not own the oil, the oil is a part of this planet. No single corporation or body owns that oil, why should they charge for it? Yes they have to pay for the tools to get to it and refine it, again - this industry is never going to stop charging for it. Oil and fuel will never be cheaper... 
  • Green production should be started at all factories, if these companies want to sell you goods - then they should ensure the production facilities are upgraded.
  • Banks - no need to really elaborate. They should be made to NOT make profits. Only enough to cover operating costs. There's no need to have 100 different banks competing - this costs so much money in wasted things like advertising, rent, etc, etc. A few banks, giving different deals and no profits, just covering basic costs like electricity, rent, employees, etc.
  • Stock market should really be controlled - this causes frequent issues, I don't even see the need for one personally.
  • Wars - countries thrive on this. The US has no warrant to be in a war with countries, if countries have conflict, let them work it out - cut all shipment of goods to them. Offer anyone wanting asylum to move to another country - this is something very political, but it's not fair on the women and children that are massacred in various countries.
  • Laws - really, that covered it. Why should a murderer be allowed bail or to be released after a sentence? Taking someone else's life is never something that should be done, if they did something bad enough to warrant being murdered then a new law system in place would make them pay.
Obviously this touches on just a few things, but the way we're dealing with things now - it will NEVER EVER improve.

Do you think fuel will ever get cheaper? Banks will stop charging interest? Every day living will get cheaper? You'll somehow earn more money if various bits of the economy/countries collapse? No.

There are big changes coming.
There are big changes needed.

We need to as citizens of various countries, use our voices. Don't be drones who go to work day in, day out, paying your overpriced mortgage, turning a blind eye to all of this stuff.

It's surprising the amount of people who just cave in to "life". Life is what you make it, not what you're told to do.

All the governments of the world and corporations that make more than $10 million a year in profits should all be forced to something along these lines. Working toward a goal of making the human race a thing to be PROUD OF. A thing to CHERISH.

If a "higher being" were to visit us, or if there really were a "GOD" would those beings look at us and think we're being treated correctly? An animal in a cage has more rights than us.

An animal in a cage gets everything given to them, for free - they live out their lives in confinement.

A human being, requires a drivers license to drive which costs you money every time you renew it. The car you paid for requires constant maintanence, and then a seperate set of insurance to drive with which costs money every month. You require a bank account to get paid which then costs you money every month.

Think of every day living costs - you are trapped, you will never get out of those. You are a complete slave to paying these things. You don't get an option to NOT pay them. You pay for your electricity, your gas, water, shelter, food, everything costs. Nothing in life is free.

Everything gets more expensive, it will never get cheaper without change.

Open your eyes, there are more people doing so and with a larger amount of people doing this, we might be able to head toward a change.

OBAMA promised change - please, tell me how he has made America a better place... there will never be peace. For so many people to believe in a God, there is so much corruption in the Federal Government. Corruption in the Vatican.

These are people of God, people who talk about God in politics - yet, rob the normal man, BLIND.

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