Monday, January 10, 2011

The real like Kick-Ass represents the every man

If you haven't seen the movie Kick Ass, then I suggest you do. It's a movie about a kid who is sick of the crap going on in the world and becomes his own superhero. He gets his ass kicked pretty hard (because he obviously does not have super powers) but it's what he stands for that is the true message that the film is putting across.

With all of this government corruption, deliberate stock market attacks, "terrorism", wars, famine, rape, murders, police corruption, WikiLeaks, banking disasters, foreclosures - people go on and on about Hell, well, aren't we living it?

Society doesn't sound like a great place right now unless you're rich - even so, you're still given the same restrictions in medicine anyway, so it's not like you'd love forever.

Enter, real-life Kick-Ass.

This man was first seen in November 2010 in Seattle, he has a very well made Superhero costume and he calls himself Pheonix Jones. He has also said he has prevented a crime.

Phoenix Jones has said he has been stabbed and nearly shot in the line of duty, so obviously he is dedicated to his work. Society needs a superhero, they need someone who isn't scared of filling out paperwork, or scared of being attacked for saving someone.

Most of the time the law is corrupt, someone beats you to the point of you requiring hospitlization, they might get a fine and a few weeks community service or a very short jail sentence. If you were to get out of hospital and pay them a visit and break their legs - you'd most likely get a few year sentence.

Where, a vigilante can do this and hide back in the darkness. Why should the law protect the guilty? If you drink drive and kill a family, with yourself surviving - you might get a few years jail (it's happened before), where if you rob a bank for a few hundred thousand dollars - you'll serve 20 years in jail or more.

The bank has insurance, lives don't.

A real-life Kick Ass gives inspiration that one man can make a change. One man can try make life for others, better. God-speed, Phoenix Jones.

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