Thursday, July 28, 2011

Neumayer Station, strange things happening

I will make a more detailed post on this when I can, but I just want to share a picture that I have not seen online yet.

The Neumayer Station is touted to show things that come from our Epileptic Plane, which we would not see anywhere else on Earth. I have a shot that I took on 22/7 of a light source so bright, that even the Sun does not equal to.

I've been watching this webcam for a couple of months now and I've seen the Sun rise, the Moon pass by and they are no way near the brightness of this object.

Take a look:

MSM reports of an Unseen comet orbit, indicating a possible crash with Earth

Why now MSM? Why now? We find out yesterday we have another satellite around Earth in the form of an asteroid and now we find out there's a "stream of dusty fragments from a comet born in the outermost reachers of the solar system has hit the Earth on a path that leads astronomers to conclude the comet itself could be 'potentially hazardous' if it crashes into the planet."

Why now???? Anyway, the article can be found here.

To me, this sounds like a Nibiru-like exposure, there's been more and more and they even explain that this is from the Oort Cloud... 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Melancholia, a movie mind-preparation of Nibiru or Elenin?

Melancholia is something I heard of a few months ago and brushed it off, I heard it was an "arty" film and thought nothing more of it. I then heard that it starred Kiefer Sutherland, which perked my interest so I looked into it.

Once I did, I discovered it was yet another mind-preparation film such as Deep Impact, Knowing or any movie that features a lying US Government, scientists, military, etc, etc. The film centers around the drama of a girl (Kirsten Dunst) and then, get this, a "rogue planet" called "Melancholia" which is on a collision course with Earth.

Melancholia (the rogue planet) is hidden behind the sun and by the second half the movie, movies in front of our Star. Melancholia, a blue telluric planet (kind of like the shots of Nibiru which is a blue light with black around it) is supposed to fly-by Earth... kind of like Elenin is meant to fly past us.

(spoilers for the movie): The film ends with Melancholia colliding with Earth, destroying our entire planet.

Another funny thing about this movie is that the idea of the planetary collision was "inspired by websites about such potential events." Seriously? Yes.

Russia launch new rocket carrying worlds most powerful telescope

Russia have just 10 days ago launched the most powerful telescope into space. Launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, scientists have nicknamed the Zenit-3SB the "green" rocket because it uses kerosene and oxygen as its fuel and is actually, shock horror, environmentally friendly.

The rocket was developed jointly by Russia and Ukraine and will propel into orbit a new generation space telescope designed to extend mankind's understanding of the forming of galaxies.

Yeah, right, maybe it's looking at Nibiru and Elenin?? 

Anyway, this will be the first radio-telescope that Russia has put into space in over 25 years. Scientists have chosen a highly eccentric orbit for the station to allow it to turn under the Moon's gravity to scan the sky. The 10-meter telescope will be capable of registering solar wind, quasars, black holes and neutron stars. This huge eye will be able to provide detailed images of the universe with a resolution 1,000 times sharper than America's Hubble. After a four-hour journey to orbit, the Radiostron will connect to a control center on Earth and some time will be needed for the Radiostron to unfold its 27 petals and make everything ready to work. Within a month or two we will start receiving the first images of the universe from space. This mission is expected to last five years.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elenin, Nibiru and the tilting of Saturn - very in-depth

I'm not going to even try to re-word this or take the authors hard work away, I'm simply going to tell you to read this all, let it sink in and if you're open enough - you'll realise half of this has already happened and this explains everything going on within our Solar System.

Don't sit there and think your Governments or Presidents would tell you this is going to happen, how would they tell you? Would you want to go to work knowing the world could possibly end?

Check it out, it's one of the most in-depth explanations on Elenin/Nibiru I've ever seen.

November 9, 2011, "2005 YU55" a potentially hazardous object will pass closer than our Moon

2005 YU55 is set to fly past our Planet Earth on November 9, 2011, funnily enough 9/11/11.... and being a decent size of 400 meters in diameter poses a "potential threat" to our planet. The asteroid will pass within 0.85 lunar distances of Earth, with the Asteroid passing the Moon at just 0.00160 AUs (239, 000kms or 149, 000 mi). This is very close.

Now, entertain the thoughts of NASA lying to us about it's trajectory and it actually is a very big potential threat... and it was to hit either Earth or the Moon.

If it were to hit Earth in a city-based area, the damage would be unimaginable, like multiple nuclear blasts going off, if it hits the Moon, we're equally as stuffed. The Moon has control of our tides and even a hit on the Moon could push it off course by a few degrees as the Moon is considerably smaller than Earth.

We're living in fun times ladies and gentlemen!

Day 5 of the Mayan Calendar between July 31 - August 17, will we see something?

If you've been reading my blog, or any other conspiracy-based, or even factual-based (if you can call NASA factual is another question) then you'll probably know about Planet X/Nibiru/Tyche and the incoming "comet" Elenin.

NASA are moving their STEREO Behind (STEREO B) satellite on August 1 by 135-degrees to take a look at Elenin (if it were "just a comet", I don't see why they'd bother but anyway), this is a very delicate stage.

The United States is in a cluster-fuck position in regards to their budget with President Obama seemingly not giving a shit on the state of the US's financial position. You can't pay off debt with more debt and you can't solve issues regarding debt when you're shipping off all of your jobs overseas.

NASA's virtually done for, yes they're still operating, but their space program is kaput. Good timing, isn't it? We've seen 7 launches of rockets in the past few weeks, which would indicate something is definitely going on, as well as the shut down of various infra-red devices such as SETI, etc.

When the Mayan Calendar hit "Reaction" which is between May 2 and 19, we saw the "death" of Osama bin Laden, something that was plastered all over the news for days and then nothing was heard of since. "Reaction" being a very great word on how to explain the situation.

The next stage in the "Ninth wave" is "Budding", budding is "Day 5" in the Universal Conciousness cycle and happens between July 31 and August 17.

"Budding" which the dictionary gives a meaning of:

"at an early stage of development but showing promise or potential a budding genius"
Now, if we look at "an early stage of development but showing promise or potential", is this because NASA will finally admit Elenin? Or, as (something) comes from behind the Sun, it will no longer be able to be hidden from the public, or at least to people in the Northern Hemisphere. They might see something, which can not be explained, but they (everyone) has so much on their mind that they don't care.

The systematic collapse of virtually the entire Western Society financial-based system is happening before our eyes and no one seems to really notice. If there's a bright object near the Sun - why would 99% of people care?

Remember that NASA are turning their STEREO B satellite around on August 1... we have had Mainstream Media sources claim we'll "see a second sun", now why is this a calm situation? A second fucking sun? That's not something that is normal.

But, remember, this is in the Mayan Calendar. They've known about this for years...

The next step of this is even more interesting...

Night 5 is between August 18 and Sept 4 which is described a bit more violent than "budding" and "reaction" with it being called "destruction." What could "destruction" mean? Could it be Elenin coming early?

Does this explain why in my blog post post all the way back in February of this year where I explained "Comet" Elenin could be an electric comet?

If this is true, it would wreck havoc on our tiny little planet and it would wipe out everything that is electronic taking down virtually everything we require in our daily lives. Transport, electricity, heating, transportation, planes, banks, EVERYTHING. There would be no work, no more society, it would crumble and become sheer chaos within hours, days and weeks after would be close to post-apocalyptic.

Is it going to happen? Well, unfortunately there are more signs pointing toward yes than no, there's too much "fishy" shit going on with the finance of the US, NASA, etc. The Mayan Calendar seems to be connected to it to, what will happen - we don't know, but if something happens between July 31st and September 4th, remember...

You read it here first, on Covert News.

Source of Mayan Calendar:

Monday, July 25, 2011

NASA are moving STEREO B to look at Elenin come Aug 1 - 20

In an interesting turn of events, NASA are turning their STEREO B (Behind) satellite to 135 degrees to look at the incoming "comet" Elenin. Remember that until now, NASA has not really publicly acknowledged Elenin's existence. 

They did have a Facebook link to an events page on NASA's website which was taken down. That acknowledged Elenin and gave us the details to JPL (Jet Propulsions Laboratory) mathematical details on it as well as a diagram showing all the info we needed (distance, times, planet alignments) and from there we've been able to ascertain that everytime there is an alignment with "Comet Elenin", there is an 8-magnitude or higher Earthquake here on Earth.

We then have the major storms on Saturn, and Venus being much brighter than usual (reported to be TEN TIMES brighter through the STEREO spacecraft). As you can see from the image below, Venus (for such a relatively small planet) is quite luminous. Considering Venus is actually nearly the same size as our Earth, and you can fit roughly 100 Earths from one side of the sun to the other, this seems to be at least 25 times the brightness and thus, size then it should be.

Unless, something near it is interfering and causing it to light up like a Christmas tree - this we don't know. August 1 - 20 should be an interesting time for all involved.

Sources: (requires translation