Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO hovers over Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. Close up video - NEAR PROOF

Well, well, well... first off we had these videos:

Now we have MUCH better, up close footage.... debunk this people!


  1. so where is the big flash in the second one?

  2. the second video, where you say 'debunk this people' is a STILL IMAGE.

    Why do you jump to believing an outrageous claim like an alien spacecraft hovering over a city before being absolutely certain that it is real?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  3. Yeah, the second is a fake once you look closely enough. The camera POV is panning over a still image. Note that the lens flares on the lights do not change *at all* , where in a live image they would be flickering and distorting depending on their relative angle to the camera's lense. Also, note that there are no lights moving from the atmosphere/wind, which we can hear in the audio. Additionally, no moving lights from cars. No motion at all, really, except for the camera movement and added UFO effect.

  4. LOL!!!

    Total STILL IMAGE and the fakest crowd reaction I have ever heard.

    Uh... just a note for anyone who wants to fake a crowd reaction... don't use standard BBC sound library crowd noise clip! Same crowd clip in the video game Outlaw Golf. Puhlease!!! Don't use stock production material if you are going to try to make a hoax!

    1st one is also fake... bad tracking. Sorry but no cigar.

  5. Yep... hate to point out but these are fake. Hoaxkiller 1 at YouTube has exposed them...


    Sorry. Still looking for the real UFO's but you will not find them in these vids.

  6. Amazing. I cant believe this. Thanks for sharing those videos.
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