Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pole shift imminent - Superbowl XLV commercials as a hint???

Normally, I would not gravitate these posts and let them have the time of day but to have more than one coincidence, at such a public event (that even the President himself watched) is a huge, huge thing.

Let's start with the facts of a pole shift and if it happened, the consequences of it. Nearly all life would end, there would be enormous earthquakes, tsunamis, explosive winds, no power, no transport, no communication, no work, no jobs... for those who actually survive (which there WILL be survivors if this ever happened) it would be like going back to the stone age, or living in a nuclear holocaust environment - they'd either survive for a few weeks, maybe a few months, but there would be no medicine (or it would run out quickly), etc.

Onto the commercials themselves, they all have a similar theme - why is that? Why can't it be fluffy rainbows? Fun? Happyness? Let's see, shall we?

The above clip shows:

one authority (NWO)
one design (NWO)
one way to work (NWO)
Exploding earth
Red planet zooming towards us -- NIBIRU

In this clip, of The Daily Tablet, we see:

 Statue of Liberty - Lucifer -- BRAVE NEW WORLD
Capitol Building - CAPITOL GAINS
Cowboy Stadium - right before the stadium appears: 'Fans ready for second half' -- another statue of liberty (guy with a headdress on)
Hollywood Hills / red Carpet Mania
Tables on the edge of a cliff -- in the water -- second window to scroll by is a WEATHER REPORT showing the United states blanketed by a HEAT WAVE, yet the temp reads 35F Fahrenheit
Guy on a park bench looking UP in teh sky -- data streaming downwards (like falling stars or a comet's trail?) and on his tablet?? *wait for it*... POLE SHIFT

Next up we have a "ready.gov" "world upside down" clip - which tells you to prepare for your family, etc. It's quite scary and if this (pole shift) were to happen, it would be a virtual reality.

In this clip it's quite obvious - the family is flipped on it's head - "reversal" as in "pole reversal", maybe? This is the type of thing that the government would say "we warned you...."

It's "UP TO YOU" to be prepared.............................

In this video, we see: 

Car gets dragged into ocean... 
Massive TITAN comes out of ocean
Grabs the car...
A huge green beam hits the car, pans out to an absolute MAMMOTH-sized UFO
The UFO flies off at an unprecedented speed
Next scene we have the UFO in the middle of the desert with an ALIEN driving the car
The alien heads toward a spiral (NORWAY SPIRAL ANYONE???) and swerves to miss it
You can see multiple planets, suns, so they are not on this world - or our world has CHANGED
The portal sucks the car in and it's teleported to what seems like an ancient, mayan temple

You might ask, what is the point of that? How does it make YOU want to buy a Kia car over another ad where it shows a car driving along a picturesque road... it just doesn't make any logical sense. 

Let's move onto the actual MOVIE trailers now, shall we?
First up we have Super 8 - all we know is that it involves something the military are transporting and it gets out.

Next up we have Cowboys and Aliens, need I say more?

 Finally, we have Transformers: Dark of the Moon with a very cool looking promo. It doesn't show much but the premise of the movie is about THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON... that the Apollo landings were different and Armstrong saw a crater with a huge Transformer (aliens? hidden message? artifact?)

Let me know what you think, because I think I've pieced together quite a good collection of bits here and none of it is fake - it comes down to how you interpret them, and why there were SO MANY of them placed within commercials (hidden meanings) all within the one football game. 

Source: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1353455/pg2

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