Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What if there were no financial system in place, and our monetary system is all a giant magic trick?

If you haven't heard, there's more financial doom. Business Insider has reported about the Libor scam, if you haven't heard about it, you really need to read this. It is one of the most shocking mainstream media discoveries, or admittance to the knowledge that there's something deeply wrong with our financial system from the mainstream media. 

Technology. This is the one and only word you require, and the one and only word needed to define, explain and ultimately explain to you, that what you believe is real, is not. What if our entire financial system was just a complete lie? Not the lie that most people go to, where they think its the banks ripping us off, or the Fed.

What if all of the numbers on their systems were rigged? If I gave you $100 in cash, and a month from now come back to you and ask for it back, you have my $100, right? Now, if I give the bank that same $100, and a month later ask for it back, I get my $100 back, right? Now, what if I wanted interest on that money? Let's say 5% over 1 month. After 30 days in the bank, the bank would 'owe' me '$105'. Make reference of the inverted commas.

Now, let's say that I collect my $100 through the Internet. I transfer it to the bank, $105 from my account, to the bank's account. The bank now has my cash, on the Internet, as a number, somewhere on a server. What if this number, on this server, was just that, a number? That this power that whoever runs this construct we call 'life', has the ultimate power through the government, our financial systems, its laws, and more, to completely fabricate 'money'?

What if they had the power to change the numbers on the computer, to certain accounts, to be limitless? There could be a handful of people in the world, who wanted all of the control years ago. Maybe they rigged it, so that money would be on a computer, that could eventually be rigged - no physical printing, no forgery, no trace.

This 'money' could then be 'spent' to 'buy' virtually any thing that they wanted. In unlimited amounts, unlimited times. So this begs the question, is there really a financial system that could collapse? Is there really a financial system that isn't inherently designed to fail? We know that the United States government themselves don't print money, but a privately-owned and operated company does. They get paid interest, to print out, and loan money to, not only the U.S. government, but banks, foreign, and domestic.

Everything in our financial system is a lie, there is not one part of it that is real. Even a gold standard, with the amount of technology these "people" would own, could be fabricated, to such a level that no consumer-level technology would know the difference. After all, you're spending paper with pictures on it, down at the local store buying that new HD TV, and have total faith that it represents a number, which represents a value, to you, the consumer.

You are bought and paid for each and every hour to work, with fabricated, worthless money, the things you buy to eat and drink each week have no physical value... yet you continue to consume them. Your water, air and food is all contaminated by the government's sworn to protect you. What is rigging the financial system compared to all of the other 'insane' things that these people do to you on a daily basis? 

There needs to be a stop to this, and it needs to happen soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Lone Gunmen Pilot - 9/11 Predictive Programming, Illuminati at play

I've read about this so many times now and watched the first few minutes where they explain an on-US-soil attack which passenger airlines would ram into the WTC buildings and they would blame them on "terrorists". One of the men say why won't you tell the world, tell the papers. The other man replies with they are just bird cage cover... as in, as worthless as shit.

If we look at the 2:30 mark of the video, we see some details:

Flight 265
Departs 6:50pm
Gate 34

From those details, we can take:

265 = 2 + 6 + 5 = 13
6:50pm = 6 + 5 = 11
Gate 34 = 3 + 4 = 7

Also, when added up 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 7 = 13

Also, when added up again 13 + 11 + 7 = 31

Lots of Illuminati numbers at play, as well as the predictive programming from the show itself re: 9/11 that happened just a few months later...

5:50 in they say "your flight will make an unscheduled stop, in 22 minutes":

Again, numbers at play:

22 = 11 = 1 + 1

The storyline shows that the pilots did "not have control of the plane", and there have been various reports (and I've even said this to my doubtful friends) that if "planes" did "smash" into the WTC buildings, that they were controlled. Various companies have told of technology where the planes can be controlled remotely (like Predator drones) and this could well be the case.

7:58 in, the pilots are declaring an emergency to Tower Control and say there are "110 souls onboard":

110 souls = 11 and 1, and 1 + 1

16,000 pounds of fuel

1 + 6 = 7

Then we have something which is quite weird, a hacker is trying to disarm the manual systems on the plane so that they can maneuver away from the WTC buildings and his hack finally gets in. The message appears on the screen at 8:35 in and reads:


port: 1080 offending IP:

Take this away we have

256 = 2 + 5 + 6 = 13
65 = 6 + 5 = 11
9 = 9
1 + 2 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

The man who knew about the "attack" says "they" tried to kill him twice, and if he doesn't blow this story open and tell the world, "his silence will keep him alive." This is how the world is run, folks. People always say "oh, but if people knew about this, they'd step forward." Would you risk your life and your families lives, to tell of something that the Mainstream Media would vilify you for? I highly doubt it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Neumayer Station, the rabbit hole gets deeper

I've been watching this station for months and today is the second weirdest day of my views of the German-owned Neumayer Station in Antarctica. First we saw some men in Radiation Suits, now we're seeing a glowing Sun-like object, with all sorts of things happening on the screen.

Please, readers, spread this, debunk it, email me, if I'm wrong, TELL ME, if I'm right - tell me what it is! Things are getting weirder as "Elenin" or "Nibiru" approaches.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Neumayer Station, strange things happening

I will make a more detailed post on this when I can, but I just want to share a picture that I have not seen online yet.

The Neumayer Station is touted to show things that come from our Epileptic Plane, which we would not see anywhere else on Earth. I have a shot that I took on 22/7 of a light source so bright, that even the Sun does not equal to.

I've been watching this webcam for a couple of months now and I've seen the Sun rise, the Moon pass by and they are no way near the brightness of this object.

Take a look:

MSM reports of an Unseen comet orbit, indicating a possible crash with Earth

Why now MSM? Why now? We find out yesterday we have another satellite around Earth in the form of an asteroid and now we find out there's a "stream of dusty fragments from a comet born in the outermost reachers of the solar system has hit the Earth on a path that leads astronomers to conclude the comet itself could be 'potentially hazardous' if it crashes into the planet."

Why now???? Anyway, the article can be found here.

To me, this sounds like a Nibiru-like exposure, there's been more and more and they even explain that this is from the Oort Cloud... 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Melancholia, a movie mind-preparation of Nibiru or Elenin?

Melancholia is something I heard of a few months ago and brushed it off, I heard it was an "arty" film and thought nothing more of it. I then heard that it starred Kiefer Sutherland, which perked my interest so I looked into it.

Once I did, I discovered it was yet another mind-preparation film such as Deep Impact, Knowing or any movie that features a lying US Government, scientists, military, etc, etc. The film centers around the drama of a girl (Kirsten Dunst) and then, get this, a "rogue planet" called "Melancholia" which is on a collision course with Earth.

Melancholia (the rogue planet) is hidden behind the sun and by the second half the movie, movies in front of our Star. Melancholia, a blue telluric planet (kind of like the shots of Nibiru which is a blue light with black around it) is supposed to fly-by Earth... kind of like Elenin is meant to fly past us.

(spoilers for the movie): The film ends with Melancholia colliding with Earth, destroying our entire planet.

Another funny thing about this movie is that the idea of the planetary collision was "inspired by websites about such potential events." Seriously? Yes.

Russia launch new rocket carrying worlds most powerful telescope

Russia have just 10 days ago launched the most powerful telescope into space. Launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, scientists have nicknamed the Zenit-3SB the "green" rocket because it uses kerosene and oxygen as its fuel and is actually, shock horror, environmentally friendly.

The rocket was developed jointly by Russia and Ukraine and will propel into orbit a new generation space telescope designed to extend mankind's understanding of the forming of galaxies.

Yeah, right, maybe it's looking at Nibiru and Elenin?? 

Anyway, this will be the first radio-telescope that Russia has put into space in over 25 years. Scientists have chosen a highly eccentric orbit for the station to allow it to turn under the Moon's gravity to scan the sky. The 10-meter telescope will be capable of registering solar wind, quasars, black holes and neutron stars. This huge eye will be able to provide detailed images of the universe with a resolution 1,000 times sharper than America's Hubble. After a four-hour journey to orbit, the Radiostron will connect to a control center on Earth and some time will be needed for the Radiostron to unfold its 27 petals and make everything ready to work. Within a month or two we will start receiving the first images of the universe from space. This mission is expected to last five years.