Monday, August 1, 2011

Neumayer Station, the rabbit hole gets deeper

I've been watching this station for months and today is the second weirdest day of my views of the German-owned Neumayer Station in Antarctica. First we saw some men in Radiation Suits, now we're seeing a glowing Sun-like object, with all sorts of things happening on the screen.

Please, readers, spread this, debunk it, email me, if I'm wrong, TELL ME, if I'm right - tell me what it is! Things are getting weirder as "Elenin" or "Nibiru" approaches.


  1. I think they were welding out there

  2. That look more like some sort of vortex you can see light heading inwards rather than out very odd indeedy.portal?

  3. Welding?i never see welding look like that!!!!

  4. I have watched this video a few different times and others that looked vary much like it. From what i can tell the light is in fact being pulled into the mass of energy yet strands of stray energy is being pushed out from the edges. The idea of a portal is in fact closer to the more reasonable answer once could ask for but then again you must look at the aspects of the surrounding area with the aspect of what they might be doing.
    The area is covered in snow and ice and you can see gusts of wind blowing in more snow and ice just before the power came up and the bright light appeared. If you ask me this could be a test of power of a new technology to at the same time open a portal to who knows where.