Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 5 of the Mayan Calendar between July 31 - August 17, will we see something?

If you've been reading my blog, or any other conspiracy-based, or even factual-based (if you can call NASA factual is another question) then you'll probably know about Planet X/Nibiru/Tyche and the incoming "comet" Elenin.

NASA are moving their STEREO Behind (STEREO B) satellite on August 1 by 135-degrees to take a look at Elenin (if it were "just a comet", I don't see why they'd bother but anyway), this is a very delicate stage.

The United States is in a cluster-fuck position in regards to their budget with President Obama seemingly not giving a shit on the state of the US's financial position. You can't pay off debt with more debt and you can't solve issues regarding debt when you're shipping off all of your jobs overseas.

NASA's virtually done for, yes they're still operating, but their space program is kaput. Good timing, isn't it? We've seen 7 launches of rockets in the past few weeks, which would indicate something is definitely going on, as well as the shut down of various infra-red devices such as SETI, etc.

When the Mayan Calendar hit "Reaction" which is between May 2 and 19, we saw the "death" of Osama bin Laden, something that was plastered all over the news for days and then nothing was heard of since. "Reaction" being a very great word on how to explain the situation.

The next stage in the "Ninth wave" is "Budding", budding is "Day 5" in the Universal Conciousness cycle and happens between July 31 and August 17.

"Budding" which the dictionary gives a meaning of:

"at an early stage of development but showing promise or potential a budding genius"
Now, if we look at "an early stage of development but showing promise or potential", is this because NASA will finally admit Elenin? Or, as (something) comes from behind the Sun, it will no longer be able to be hidden from the public, or at least to people in the Northern Hemisphere. They might see something, which can not be explained, but they (everyone) has so much on their mind that they don't care.

The systematic collapse of virtually the entire Western Society financial-based system is happening before our eyes and no one seems to really notice. If there's a bright object near the Sun - why would 99% of people care?

Remember that NASA are turning their STEREO B satellite around on August 1... we have had Mainstream Media sources claim we'll "see a second sun", now why is this a calm situation? A second fucking sun? That's not something that is normal.

But, remember, this is in the Mayan Calendar. They've known about this for years...

The next step of this is even more interesting...

Night 5 is between August 18 and Sept 4 which is described a bit more violent than "budding" and "reaction" with it being called "destruction." What could "destruction" mean? Could it be Elenin coming early?

Does this explain why in my blog post post all the way back in February of this year where I explained "Comet" Elenin could be an electric comet?

If this is true, it would wreck havoc on our tiny little planet and it would wipe out everything that is electronic taking down virtually everything we require in our daily lives. Transport, electricity, heating, transportation, planes, banks, EVERYTHING. There would be no work, no more society, it would crumble and become sheer chaos within hours, days and weeks after would be close to post-apocalyptic.

Is it going to happen? Well, unfortunately there are more signs pointing toward yes than no, there's too much "fishy" shit going on with the finance of the US, NASA, etc. The Mayan Calendar seems to be connected to it to, what will happen - we don't know, but if something happens between July 31st and September 4th, remember...

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