Thursday, December 23, 2010

A ponder about materials that bought down the WTC buildings on 9/11 - not planes

Yes, planes hit the buildings.
Yes, we all saw the buildings fall down.

But, it has never happened before and all science points to this being near-impossible. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel and if it did, the towers collapsed within an hour of being hit.

Let's say the jet fuel DID melt the steel, the towers were hit pretty high up - which would then (in this scenario) burn the steel, melt it and cause the towers to have structual issues. These structual burns would then make the top X amount of floors tip to one side as a particular side of the burning steel gave way.

That bit of the building would then crumble and fall to the ground, or be held on by the other THREE sides of the building. Let's again say those three sides had major structual damage, then it would crush down and probably either topple the X stories over, or fall on itself [the building].

What happened, was the buildings free-fell to the ground, completely. Think about how many re-enforced stories, elevators, office levels, chairs, desks, air-conditioners, toilets, bathrooms, computers - the countless millions of objects in that building that just free-fell to the ground in a form of dust.

110 stories down to 3 stories of rubble......

If I was to hand you 10 rocket launchers and tell you to fire those 10 rocket launchers into a building, at 110 stories high... would you expect that building to disappear in front of your eyes, or would you expect the rockets to just blow chunks out of the building, causing massive damage - but not catastrophic to the point of it FALLING into DUST?

Look at these videos;
That is WTC7. A building that was not hit by a plane, but had fire on it because of the other buildings dropping fire onto it. That building fell to the ground as well - funny how a simple office fire can bring a building to the ground it what seems like a 6.5 second controlled demolition.

Then we have:

This is the WTC building - see the bottom left how it is like thermite, burning, like hot fiery liquid.

Never heard or seeing Thermite before?

Then look at this video:

See the similiarities? Now imagine the thermite at the centre of the steel structural points of the building, melting through the steel from the plane being the ignition of the flame. 110 stories would take a little while to explode/melt.

If the bottom ~30 - 50 stories had this happen, it would explain how the buildings seem to just free fall to the ground, like the 10's of stories of office complexes below it were just AIR.

Watch the videos, keep your eyes open, look, take it all in.

ASK questions - don't just believe what the news tells you.

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